Stella Recordings welcomes Stefano Tore


It’s with great pleasure that we welcome the young and talented composer Stefano Tore, whose first album has been released on September 28th (four pages digisleeve CD and all digital formats).

“Sur la mer” features ten beautiful compositions, spanning from very calm and poetical landscapes to bright and effervescent explosions of truly elegant music. A very refined work, it has been arranged for a non conventional ensemble formed by piano, sax, clarinet, viola and cello.

A superb release that will please all the dedicated fans of composers like Wim Mertens, Michael Nyman and Yann Tiersen.

To purchase the album go here.


We’ll be back soon


We’re not dead. We were just sleeping, a lot to be honest, and now our hibernation has just ended. It’s time to start walking again and, like little snails, we’ll slowly be ready to face our new future as a more active label. So stay tuned as for this year we already have some scheduled releases: a truly beautiful work by young and talented composer Stefano Tore, the first full album by Texile, a few works by Stefano Guzzetti, and other works yet to be confirmed. Last thing: sorry for our website being a sort of mess but, due to this new birth of the label, it is totally under (a new) construction. Write soon.