Stefano Guzzetti

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Studied Electronic Music at the Conservatory ‘G.P. Da Palestrina’ of Cagliari, he writes music for his albums and for soundtracks as well. He also wrote the music and sound design for Einaudi Editore’s booktrailer on the novel by Murakami Haruki entitled ‘Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and his years of pilgrimage’. His music has been released on the Japanese labels Home Normal and P*Dis and he has been featured on The Wire Magazine. He recently signed a publishing contract with Mute Records and in march 2016 the promotion for his last studio album ‘Leaf’ saw him touring in London, Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo. His music on Spotify has scored a total amount of nearly 20 million plays so far. He wrote the music for the ‘Escape’ ballet by the London based company LCP Dance Theatre. ‘Escape’ has been performed in London and at the Fringe of the Festival of Edinburgh in august 2016. The music from ‘Escape’ will be released in late 2016 as ‘Escape (music for a ballet)’, on his Stella Recordings label. His new work, entitled ‘Japanese notebooks’ and based on the last novel by the acclaimed illustrator Igort, will be released in february 2017.

SR01. Ensemble (2015)
SR02. Leaf (2016)
SR03. 春を待っています (waiting for spring) (2016)
SR05. Escape (music for a ballet) (2016)
SR06. Alone (night music for piano solo) (2017)
SR07. Japanese Notebooks (2017)

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